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Leslie Ashbaugh Student Support Fund

Student support has always been a topic of discussion for Leslie. She was very passionate about the idea of an emergency student fund to provide students short-term grants for emergent situations like childcare, food instability, emergency rent assistance, car maintenance etc. She envisioned a fund that would allow first and second year students to take advantage of high-impact practices (unpaid internships, study abroad, on campus research) — all which are difficult for UW Bothell students to engage in due to financial needs and the fact that these engagements would require students to quit their jobs in order to participate.

This fund is now in development, and more information will be available in the weeks to come.

By mail:

Leslie Ashbaugh
Student Support Fund
at the University of Washington Bothell

Attn: UW Bothell, Box 358528

18115 Campus Way NE
Bothell WA 98011



​Online Donations

Please email for more information at this time.

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